An online store with a standard set of functionalities needed for online sales

What will I get?

Design layout

The design layout of the site is a visual image of the future site, designed taking into account the technical capabilities of HTML layouts. This layout is a demonstration of how visually your site will look after the layout and content. The template is presented in the form of a picture that will be displayed on the Internet browser, without active buttons and other dynamic elements. The specifics of the development of graphic design layout in relation to the site is a combination of technical and visual parameters of the future site. This is the elaboration of the location and size of the site elements in terms of the convenience of finding and using the information on the site. The basis for developing the design layout of the site are customer-provided materials: logo, slogan, branded (or better) colors, graphic elements, photographs and other design elements, as well as a filled-in client's questionnaire.

Catalog of pages

The site has no limitations on the number of pages and the client can always expand and complement the content.

Site management system

WordPress, Joomla, Magento - popular CMS of years of history and more than 100 million installed for the most famous companies: ebay, mtv, peugeot, ikea, gorilaz.


Allows clients to send messages from the site, for example, to order a service or clarify the availability of the product.

Placement of customer information

Filling in all the main and additional menus of the site, materials and categories in order to be able to show the function of the site. The average content of the content is 5-10 pages / product of the site.

Warranty service

Your upcoming website is available 24/7 for visitors

Product catalog

Catalog - a list of goods (services) with their description. Product data may include text descriptive information, feature values, image, classification information, multimedia information, pricing information, etc. depending on destination and medium.


The shopping cart in the online store is designed to give buyers the opportunity to view the goods they chose